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Maintenance Plan Check List

  • Check / change oil and filter yearly or more (as required)
  • Change fuel filters yearly or more (as required) (if applicable)
  • Check Antifreeze level/condition and protection level (if applicable)
  • Check / test battery fluid and battery date test battery starting draw
  • Check battery cables and clean as necessary
  • Check / adjust battery charging system
  • Check block heater (if applicable)
  • Inspect / adjust belts (replace as necessary)
  • Inspect / clean air filter (replace as necessary)
  • Inspect main generator and rotor assemblies
  • Inspect / clean slip rings (if applicable)
  • Check / correct minor fuel, oil and water leaks
  • Check/tighten all hoses and lines
  • Test run unit (no load conditions)
  • Inspect exhaust system condition
  • Check/adjust generator output voltage and frequency
  • Check main generator and controller operation
  • Check all pressures, gauges and instruments for proper operation
  • Clean / lubricate and adjust all unit components and assemblies where necessary for proper operation
  • Test all safety shutdown devices (as applicable)
  • Inspect automatic transfer switch(s) for visible defects and proper operation
  • Check automatic transfer switch operation under simulated power failure (when appropriate)
  • Test system operation under building load (when appropriate)
  • Check fuel tank levels (if applicable)
  • Submit Scheduled Maintenance Inspection Report to system owner
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