Hurricane and Tornado Threats Require Actio Plans
Storms Happen Without Warning
Power Loss from Grid Failure
Tornado Threats Are More Prevalant than Ever
Lightning Strikes Can Disable Power Grids
Don't Wait for Hurricane Warnings Before Making a Plan
Generators are Necessary
Repair Mechanics Cannot be Found During a Storm
be prepared!
have a plan!

Human Nature
Puts Off Planning
Until it's TOO LATE!
If you have never been involved in any type of major disaster, count yourself among the lucky ones and realize that disasters can happen anywhere and anytime.
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Emergency Responders During Storms are Overwhelmed
Have at Least a 72 hour Plan to Relieve Strains on Emergency Responders
Lightning Frequently Take Out Power Grids
Storm Damage Prevents Emergency Access
ESSI Can Help Relieve First Responder Strains in an Emergency
Any Major Disaster
Will Temporarily Swamp
First Responders
Servicing Emergency Standby Generators for the Gulf Coast Area
Don't Count on Immediate Assistance During a Storm
Prepare with ESSI Plans
Storm Clouds May Mean it's Already too Late!
Safety includes a Standby Generator
ESSI services all brands of generators
Preparedness is a Plan
Storm Damage may Cause Long Power Outages
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Lightning Occurs Frequently During a Storm
Service Plan Inspections can Help Your Preparedness
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